UnEnchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale by Chanda Hahn

UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn

Title: UnEnchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale)
Author: Chanda Hahn
ISBN: 978-1475070309
Publisher: CreateSpace
Copyright Date: 2012

Plot Summary:
Mina Grime is isolated, clumsy and forever at the wrong place at the wrong time. That is until she saves the most popular boy in school. Overnight her life changes, she attracts the boy, becomes noticed by the community and inherits an ancient family curse. In order to be free of the curse she must live through every fairytale collected by her Grimm relatives. Should she fail, the curse will move on to her brother. And that is an outcome that Mina will not let happen. Mina must follow her Grimm path to the very end.

Critical Evaluation: This book had a very interesting concept. With that said, there is very little character depth, and the book needing better copyediting. The characters did not feel individual, and could have used more explanations and dimension. The premise of the book is very interesting and very current with the current forms of entertainment. One element that I found to be useful is that is shows how fairytales are able to be modern, which I hope would help young adult readers when they read other books to understand character analysis across the board.

Reader’s Annotation: Life changes in a flash when Mina inherits the family curse, and she’s determined to do what it takes to break the curse before it can impact her brother.

Author Information:
Chanda Hahn was born in Seattle, Wa. Her goal in writing books was to create “clean fiction” for teens that was not boring. She currently writes from home and publishes her books directly onto the internet in e-book format for kindles and other e-readers.

Mrs. Hahn has a long history with literature; she has been a librarian, a book seller and recently has completed her third novel. Mrs. Hahn desires to make her books relatable by making her characters feel real, with real flaws, selfish moments, and disappointments. Her books are currently available only on line.

Genre: Fantasy

Curriculum Ties: Current reinterpretation of Grimm Fairytales. An excellent option for a literary comparison.

Book Talk Ideas: How are fairy tales like real life? Who are some people you know that are like the Grimm characters and how does that change your view of fairytales?

Reading Level/Interest Level: Grade 8 and up

Challenge Issues: This book is current in reflecting the entertainment views and options young adults are favoring. It is also more tame then certain books on the market. It is interesting without pushing any sexual limits and places strong boundaries with regard to physical intimacy. It is also informative about Grimm Tales as the author does not detail which tales, the reader is often inspired to go to the Original Grimm Tales to discover which tales Mina has left to complete.

Why did you include this item: This is a creative tale incorporating old Grimm fairytales into a new modern day environment. I included this because it is an excellent example of how old fairytales are full of characters and situations that are similar to everyday life. While the magic presents an unrealistic element, the reader is still able to glean that human failings such as pride, greed, selfishness and cruelness are indeed human failings. Indeed the heroine of the tale embodies faith, friendship, hope and kindness even at a cost to herself. The heroine may not have a great deal but she is rich in any way that matters. I would hope that readers would read this and find an understanding of what is truly important in life.


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